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Catwalrus was created by Madeline Mayer and Marta Rodriguez. We are a mother and daughter who are both software engineers and wanted to have a shared place to write and talk about what we have a passion for. We hope to inspire others and post content that could help others solve a problem or learn about a topic.


Maddie Mayer

Software Engineer at Brightlink

I am Madeline Mayer and I am a full-stack software engineer at Brighlink, a software company in Roswell, Georgia. I studied computer science at Florida State University and have been programming in Python since I graduated. I am passionate about always learning and enjoy helping others. I am a mother of two wonderful -feral- children and enjoy painting and baking when I am not working. 

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Marta Rodriguez

Senior UI Lead at Delta Air Lines

I am a Senior UI Lead at Delta Air Lines with 30 years of experience in designing, developing and implementing software applications. I have a deep knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming and have been a part of many industries and companies at different levels, from Start-Up to Software Enterprises. In 2002 I was trained in .Net by Microsoft as part of their Net Blaze program. I have been working with .Net continuously for the last 18 years and enjoy mentoring and sharing knowledge. I have been working with Angular for the last two years, which has opened many doors for me. My goal is to attract more women in technology and to inspire others to stay relevant and to find their passion to become Awesome Software Engineers. In my free time, I love to dance salsa and spend time with my children and grandchildren.


Inspired by different views and experiences in Technology, Coding, Industries, Collaboration, Diversity, Growth, and Transformation


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