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My big idea!

Matching an idea with the right technology.

Last year I was working 100% remote so I decided to live on the wild side and put all of my belongings in storage and move to the beach. I needed a place to recharge, change up my every day and find my inspiration. While there I was able to spend time meditating and asking the universe for an idea.

One day as I was walking to the beach to take pictures I ran into someone who was just sitting on the stairs that leads to the beach and blocking my path. I decided not to disturb him as he was contemplating the sunset. I stopped a few steps above him and began taking my beach pictures. After a few minutes he turned to face me and we started talking about the beautiful sunset. As one typically does, we went from talking about the sunset to talking about life and inevitably we found ourselves having deep conversations about technology. He proceeded to share with me a concern that he has in his own line of business that requires technical help. We brainstormed different ideas and I was eventually able to offer a solution for an application that may solve his problems. I won't reveal the details of the idea (It's a good idea!) but I can tell you that in order to bring energy to this idea I presented it to Madeline who helped me refine the idea further. She liked the idea and agreed it could really be something great. She even came up with the name TAP and started coming up with logos for me.

Big ideas are daunting. But as the saying goes, if your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough. Trying to not rush things we want to consider which technologies will be right for this project. I am excited about the possibilities of our idea and enjoy expanding on it as a team. As Madeline and I explore the technical aspects of developing this idea we will be digging into different technology paths that we could pursue. Using it as an opportunity to build something great and learn about new technologies along the way. You can look forward to some technical blogs as we explore and pursue the development of this idea! As we have been discussing best practices I already knew I wanted my next post to be about the SOLID Principles of Software Design. Coming soon!

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